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The Blue Skies ori­en­teer­ing course can be under­taken at two lev­els; a basic level with descrip­tive clues or by using a com­pass and map coor­di­nates. Mark­ers are per­ma­nently set up around our site ready for use. For indi­vid­u­als or small groups, use the map to find the 26 mark­ers located around Blue Skies and fill in the let­ters to com­plete the say­ing at the end. Users need to be aware of oth­ers on site, of grounds haz­ards and of the Blue Skies bound­aries, when par­tic­i­pat­ing in the ori­en­teer­ing activity.


Dura­tion: 30 — 60 minutes



Ori­en­teer­ing Instruc­tions and Map – Basic Level

Ori­en­teer­ing Instruc­tions and Map – Greater dif­fi­culty; com­passes needed.



Frisbee Golf



Frisbee Golf Instructions

Frisbee Golf Map and Score Card

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