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Health and Safety


To aid in the suc­cess­ful plan­ning and run­ning of your camp at Blue Skies we have listed below the areas you may need to cover in your Haz­ard Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion and Health and Safety Man­age­ment obligations.

Blue Skies endeav­ours to pro­vide a high stan­dard of health and safety prac­tises. Part of this high stan­dard includes that any vis­i­tors on site agree to adhere to our stan­dards and help us to recog­nise and min­imise any poten­tial hazards.


On arrival at Blue Skies all group lead­ers are required to sign in at the office. They will be given a Health and Safety brief­ing and the keys to the hired facil­ity, by the duty man­ager. This brief­ing will cover the duties of the Fire War­den, Haz­ards Iden­ti­fied on site, Emer­gency Pro­ce­dures, other groups that maybe on site and Emer­gency Con­tact numbers.


Health and Safety infor­ma­tion for groups is also avail­able; at the office; in each facil­ity, in Health and Safety Fold­ers, dis­played on facil­ity walls and infor­ma­tion boards. All group lead­ers will also be issued copies of these at the time of sign­ing in on behalf of the group.


It is an expec­ta­tion of the group lead­ers that they will pass on this impor­tant infor­ma­tion to the group at the ear­li­est pos­si­ble oppor­tu­nity. A Blue Skies team mem­ber can deliver this Health and Safety brief­ing to the group if requested. All rooms have fire exit signs, fire blan­kets in kitchens and extin­guish­ers in kitchens and com­mu­nal rooms.


Please email for our full Health and Safety manual.


Safety/​Fire Warden


Each group is to have a ‘Safety/​Fire war­den’ to take respon­si­bil­ity for the health and safety of the group in an emer­gency. Our Health and Safety pro­ce­dures will be clearly explained and are avail­able on the web.


This is through:

Check­ing in with the office on arrival

Out­line of Fire War­dens’ Duties will be issued

Read­ing, under­stand­ing and acknowl­edge­ment of Blue Skies health and safety information

Read­ing the Iden­ti­fied Haz­ards Infor­ma­tion at the office and rel­e­vant Guide­lines; includ­ing on site rules and emer­gency evac­u­a­tion procedures.

Under­tak­ing to inform­ing the group of rel­e­vant emer­gency procedures

Report­ing to a man­ager any poten­tial haz­ards you identify

Report­ing to a man­ager any inci­dents, and com­plet­ing an: Inci­dent, Acci­dent or Near Miss form.


Secure Safety Areas


There are some areas/​activities at Blue Skies that pose a higher risk, includ­ing the Swim­ming Pool, Fly­ing Fox and Abseil­ing Tower. A key needs to be signed out from the office for use of these; a super­vi­sor must read, under­stand and acknowl­edge the rules asso­ci­ated with the use of these activ­i­ties. Keys will only be issued fol­low­ing acknowl­edge­ment of these requirements.


Open Pond: There is an open unfenced pond on site as part of our Con­fi­dence Course. Spe­cial care should be taken in super­vis­ing young chil­dren around this area.


The bound­aries of Blue Skies are to the West – Williams St, the North bound­aries are the Youth Lodge/​Scout Lodge Fence and Stone St gate. To the East the Main Trunk Rail­way Line and res­i­den­tial prop­er­ties to the South. These need to be clearly defined for all young vis­i­tors par­tic­u­larly when par­tic­i­pat­ing in the Fris­bee golf and Ori­en­teer­ing activities.


All gravel and tar seal access ways are likely to be used by vehi­cles, all roads should be treated as you would pub­lic roads.


In high winds, all areas under trees must be avoided; a num­ber of the activ­i­ties are posi­tioned under trees; which have the poten­tial to drop branches.


First Aid


Each group stay­ing at Blue Skies is to pro­vide their own first aid kits. A basic first aid kit is kept in all kitchens and the office for emer­gen­cies. Blue Skies team mem­bers have been trained in basic first aid.


In case of an emer­gency the near­est med­ical cen­tre is the:

Kaiapoi Med­ical Centre

69 Fuller St


Ph: 03 327 5115

Or phone 111


A doc­tor is on call in Kaiapoi for after-​hours med­ical emer­gen­cies. Ring the num­ber above for after-​hours contact.



Wel­come Guidelines

Vis­i­tor Hazards

Emer­gency Evac­u­a­tion Map

Fire War­dens Duties

Emer­gency Con­tact Numbers

Check-​in /​Check-​out Procedures

Blue Skies Health and Safety Manual

Chal­lenge Course Instruc­tions and Haz­ards Identified

Swim­ming Pool Rules and Con­di­tions of Use

Fly­ing Fox Rules and Con­di­tions of Use

Abseil­ing /​Rockwall Tower Use and Con­di­tions of Use

Vis­i­tor Hazards

Inci­dent, Acci­dent or Near Miss Form

Blue Skies Health and Safety Manual

12 Williams Street, Kaiapoi

Christchurch 7630

03 327 8007