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Camp Fire Circle


A safe fire pit with bench seat­ing around it, suit­able for large groups. The fire pit is only allowed to be used when no Waimakariri Dis­trict Coun­cil fire restric­tions are in place and after obtain­ing a fire per­mit from the rural fire offi­cer. A copy of this per­mit must be sup­plied to the office. Avail­able for camp con­certs, sing alongs etc. Fire­wood is gen­er­ally available.


Please check www​.waimakariri​.govt​.nz/​S​e​r​v​i​c​e​s​/​fires for cur­rent fire restric­tions, safe fire light­ing prin­ci­pals and con­tact num­bers. Or phone coun­cil cus­tomer ser­vices 03 311 8900, or Tim Shep­herd Prin­ci­pal Rural Fire Offi­cer: 021 480 0830. A Fire Per­mit must be obtained from the Rural Fire Offi­cer prior to use.


NO fire­works are to be lit in the vicin­ity of the fire pit, nor are they to be thrown into the fire pit.

The fire MUST be com­pletely extin­guished at com­ple­tion of the activity.


12 Williams Street, Kaiapoi

Christchurch 7630

03 327 8007